M90/M91™ : micro PLC with text HMI

The M90/M91™ is an innovative micro-PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with a built-in operating panel. The operating panel offers an LCD that can display two 16-character text lines, and a keypad (one line in the M90 models). The M90/M91™ series offers a variety of onboard I/O configurations, including direct temperature and weight measurement inputs; the configuration can be expanded by adding I/O Expansion Modules. The M90/M91™ is the perfect control solution for small-to-medium applications such as water treatment, automated machines, and process control.

Our PLC/HMI integrated devices:

  • save our customers’ programming time, wiring, and cabinet space
  • cut budget by reducing requirements for additional hardware
  • prevent you from wasting time setting up Panel-PLC communication



  • 8 Digital Inputs including 1 Input which can function as either high-speed counter, shaft encoder, frequency measurer or as normal digital input
  • 6 Transistor Outputs
  • 1 Line x 16 characters, STN LCD, LED backlight HMI Displays
  • 1 RS232 Communication Port
  • 24 VDC power supply